Content Marketing Services

C-leveled is a full-service content marketing agency. We will handle everything from strategic planning to content creation and distribution.

According to a recent survey published by State of Inbound, content creation is a top priority for 53% of marketers. Therefore, it is safe to say that content marketing is now the make-or-break point for many businesses regarding marketing efficiency.

Instead of searching for different solutions for each content marketing service you need, C-leveled provides a wide array of services that will help you build a robust and credible online presence while directly engaging your target audience.

Look at our services below.

Content Marketing Strategies

According to a study in early 2019, over 60% of businesses do not have a concrete content marketing plan.

Our team at C-leveled is comprised of content marketing professionals with decades of experience, trained in everything from social media marketing, brand development to marketing planning and strategy development.

Content Marketing For SEO

Content marketing can raise your Google ranking if done correctly. That said, did you know that long-form content, such as optimized blog articles, is one of the keys to success? These substantial content pieces focus on your brand keywords regularly so your company can rank higher on search engines. Our content creators have decades of experience in SEO-focused content marketing. We will plan your content by finding you the most accurate and competitive keywords and handle everything from creation to distribution.

E-Books, White Papers, and Case Studies

Showcase your success stories and expertise through an elaborate eBook, white paper, or case study, all the while filling up your pipeline. According to a recent study, 80% of users are willing to share their email address for an eBook or whitepaper they consider valuable. With a team of copywriting experts and graphic designers, C-leveled promises to deliver the highest quality work that accurately reflects your knowledge, experience, and capabilities in serving your clients.

Newsletters, Emails, and Drip Campaigns

Filling up your pipeline is only step one. Practical content marketing will walk your prospects through their customer journey seamlessly. C-leveled has a team of creative copywriters who will take care of lead warm-up for you with newsletters, direct outreach emails, and drip campaign sequences. Our content marketing strategy covers every stage of the customer journey so we can keep your leads engaged and interested the moment they enter your pipeline.

Landing Pages and Website Copy

The number one goal of content marketing is cultivation and conversion. Therefore, intriguing, encouraging, and relevant content online is vital to your growth. At C-leveled, content creation is in our genes. With both emotional efficiency and SEO relevance in mind, we will create landing pages and web copy that is favored by algorithms and your audience to drive high-intent traffic to your pages.

Don’t have a site yet? Take a look at our highly-regarded website development service instead. Let us bring your vision to reality.

Branded Content

Content marketing without a brand identity is like an orchestra lacking a conductor. C-leveled will use your brand voice as a guideline with design and visual identity in mind to develop content that is visually and contextually in-line with your company’s image. Get a head start over your competitors with professional content marketing and tell your company’s story in many compelling ways.

Need more insight into your brand image? Learn more about our brand development process and our branding and rebranding services.

Social Media Content Creation

This is the age of social media. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why C-leveled uses a unique content marketing strategy by combining your regular content with social media marketing to create a consistent and intriguing brand voice across all platforms. Our social media experts understand the algorithm as much as the demographics of each channel.

Our content creators do more than just write captions. We will research, design, and plan your content as well.

Video Creation

Nothing tells a better story than an engaging video, whether it’s a showcase highlighting the people in your company or an informational video explaining something in a fun and understandable way. With an experienced team of professional videographers and editors, C-leveled will bring your visual storytelling to a new level.

Measurable Content Marketing ROI

One of the biggest challenges with content marketing is the difficulty in tracking ROI. Well, that story ends right here.

C-leveled employs the latest technologies and analytics tools to guarantee the transparency and measurability of your content marketing efforts. We track a few critical components to ensure your ROI:

  • Cost of creation
  • Cost of distribution
  • Conversion rate
  • Lead quality
  • Traffic generated and onsite engagement
  • SEO improvement
  • Social media ROI

We understand that you are investing in your company’s future, and we want to be your investment advisor. C-leveled is more than a content marketing agency. We want to be your long-term growth partner who genuinely cares about your results.

Why Content Marketing is Important

Why is content marketing important? Companies have asked this question way too many times yet received too few quality answers. Another question frequently asked is whether content marketing works.

The answer is yes. Content marketing has become the most efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective way to retain customers while filling up your sales pipeline with fresh, high-intent leads.

Content marketing is important because it answers your audience’s questions and ever-changing pain points. The content evolves as the market and the audience changes. It is the most versatile, responsive, and engaging way of marketing while giving consumers plenty of autonomy to decide what to read and consume.

Instead of advertising to your audience using sales skills, content marketing focuses on building authentic, lasting, and respectful relationships with your audience. The communications happen more naturally and allow your audience to progress through the customer journey without feeling forced.

The C-leveled Content Marketing Strategy

Consistent, high-quality, and relevant content is one of the most impactful techniques used to encourage audiences to decide and convert.

With the C-leveled approach, your content marketing strategy will serve as the guideline for everything we create. That way, we ensure your content is in line with your company’s vision and values.

Below are a few advantages of our content marketing plans:

  • Increased retention and conversion rate

We create content that will reach your audience across different platforms, so you stay present and visible. The audience who consistently receives content updates is more likely to convert and become a returned customer.

  • Stronger social media presence

With a focus on social media marketing, we will keep you relevant to all the latest discussions your audience is having. In return, you build a more substantial presence on social media and attract more followers.

  • Optimized for search engines

C-leveled optimizes all content created for ranking purposes, and we write with SEO in mind so you can build authority and search engine optimization at the same time. Want to go deeper into SEO? Talk to our web development team and see how you may benefit from our technical SEO services.

  • Lead generation

We will turn your long-form content into lead generation campaigns with our unique approach to content marketing. Our campaigns will attract high-intention leads and follow-up with them through each stage of the customer journey.

Our content marketing strategy is backed by massive research and effective communication. By deploying content catered and optimized for each platform, we make sure you can capture your audience the moment the intention forms. We will plan your content by focusing on your unique value proposition and your brand message because we know consistency is what creates effective content.

Content Marketing for Manufacturers, IT, and Other Industrial Companies

Tech and manufacturing content marketing doesn’t have to be dry and difficult. C-leveled has a specialization in industrial content marketing, and our team knows how to convert highly technical topics into digestible content that’s friendly for general readers.

Our methods are simple yet efficient.

1.    An identity-driven content marketing strategy

We will discuss how your brand should sound to the general audience based on the value you bring to the world. We then customize a strategy focusing on presenting you as trustworthy and approachable.

2.    Multi-media content creation

The tech and industrial world needs to use a wide range of content formats to keep their audience engaged and entertained. Visual content is vital as it simplifies highly technical content for quicker digestion.

3.    Implementation and Measurement

We then implement the strategy, distribute the content, and use our unique ROI supervision model mentioned above to guarantee the results you see.